Our 5 year warranty means:

that your asset will remain looking good and free of corrosion for a period of 5 years from the date we complete the coating system.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The warranty must be registered with Shingleback at time of coating.

2. We warrant that there will be no flaking, peeling or disbonding of the coating.

3. We warrant that there will be no naturally occurring corrosion on this asset except for areas of: - Mechanical abuse and unusual damage; - Normal wear and tear; - Areas inaccessible for coating, are excluded from warranty.

4. Any abuse or damage to the coating must be repaired to Shingleback standard procedure.

5. The Asset must be cleaned regularly and a minimum of every 4 weeks.

6. Chemicals and other corrosive or damaging substances must be thoroughly washed off immediately.

7. Any repair claims are limited to Shingleback repairing or repainting the asset at our discretion and limited to a repair valued a pro rata % of the original value and the remaining warranty period.

8. The asset must be returned to Shingleback in a disassembled and off the vehicle appropriate state for recoating.

9. These conditions may change from the time to time, please check the website for updated conditions.

10. This warranty does not cover vehicles exposed to High Corrosivity CD-F  environments as per A.S.4312.