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Steps to get a pricing estimate:

1. Select colour from colour range and note the category code (A, B or C).

2. Choose an item from the below tables (please read the notes).


3. Select the size of your item.

4. Select colour category that represents your colour choice.

5. Identify the value as per table of your investment in quality!

shingleback price list 1.png
shingleback price list 2.png

Standard notes:

  • Pricing allows for one colour only on your items.

  • Multiple colours can be done via masking and 2 applications of topcoat – pricing is the standard price x 1.8 per extra colour. Coating of separate items - e.g., tray with one colour and toolboxes second colour adds colour change of $185.00.

  • All prices are excluding GST.

  • Due to oven curing, any heat sensitive parts need to be removed before picking up - all suspension, axles, jockey wheels, wiring & brake components etc.

  • Removable doors, pins, tailgates etc., done separately where feasible.

  • Transport included free, including pickup & delivery by Shingleback, within 1.5 hr radius of Adelaide city GPO providing you

       have forklift loading facilities.

  • Production time is tipically 10 working days.

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